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What is a landingpage?

A Landingpage is a seperate and stand-alone-website with a seo optimized content which catch and forward potential clients to your website or webshop. You can also use it for your facebook, google or email advertising.

The optimum is to have a local premium domain together with a modern and freshly updated landing page. 

Fast load

We only build landingpages which will load very fast during a lot of knowledge.

SEO optimized

All our created landing pages are seo optimized, you will get a perfect ranking in a short period.

Modern and updated Design

Our designers know how to get your visitors directly to your website or shop.


A landing page is cheaper then any google or facebook advertisement, and more efficient.

Landingpage FAQ

If you rent or own a short premium domain, you shouldn't just forward that domain to your current website. It's nice to have, as you can promote this shorter and better domain, but for the google ranking we prefer to link your domain with a complete new landingpage, handcrafted by 
A correct landingpage has less details and informations and is optimized for loading time and all devices. Google will "read" this landingpage as a total seperate and standalone-website, so you will be listed with two websites on google. Also if you are doing a facebook or adwords promotion, its always better to link it to your landing page. 

If you have already a website online, we can use the logo and informations from there to write a complete new content. If you have no website, you can ask the PIXOBEL, the leading web agency on cyprus for websites and webshops, or we create the landingpage as a onepage-site for you.

All PINCY Landingpages comes with a included SSL Certificate, which means that your landingpage is fully protected and better listed on google and bing. It should be the absolute standard for today, but unfortunately there are a lot of websites on cyprus which are not protected.

We say YES. It may take 3-4 months, until the search engines fully noticed your landing page, but from that day, its a dynamic and full control advertisement without spending a lot of money for each single click, where you never know if its a new client or not. With a PINCY Landingpage, you always pay the same monthly amount, for which you never would get a good advertisement.

Landing Page Prices



Rental fee per Month + 19% VAT

Top Features:

SEO optimized Landingpage

Perfect Content for your product

Redirection to your Webshop / Website



Rental fee per Month + 19% VAT

Top Features:

One-Page Landingpage

Customized Design

Exclusively designed

Incl. CY Domain (check here)

FREE SSL Certificate

2x Emailadresses incl.


499 €

Example price + 19% VAT
Exact offers afer request

Top Features:


1x SSL Certificate

Customized Webdesign

Responsive Design

SEO optimized



Example price + 19% VAT
Exact offers afer request

Top Features

Full Webshop

Different Payment Methods

Custom Calculations

Sell in different countries

More then 10 developers

Start today.

You just have to provide us your logo, business description and the link to your website or webshop. 

After 1-2 days you will receive your landingpage.